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What to bring out with you?

Our facility has some covered areas, but you are out in the elements.

When it rains, it gets muddy in the arenas with the livestock.

Weather at Ewe-topia is often very different from the surrounding areas.

Visit www.wunderground.com  to get a better idea of conditions in Roy WA


We suggest for people:

ˇ         Always dress in layers

ˇ         Always keep rain gear in the car

ˇ         Always wear closed toe shoes around livestock (no sandals, flip flops, or slides)

ˇ         Bring extra chairs if you want

ˇ         Snacks and drinks (we have a soda machine available and free popcorn, but you may have other tastes)

ˇ         For children there are toys and trucks for playing in the dirt and kid friendly videos (Babe, Stewart Little and the like) so you may want to bring clean clothes for the trip home.

For cool weather:                       For warm weather:

long underwear                           sun screen 

insulated boots                            mosquito repellent (sometimes at dusk on weekday evenings they bite)

hats and gloves                           hat & clothing that gives you sun protection

wool socks                                 avoid shorts above mid-thigh if you are around the livestock


We suggest for dogs:

ˇ         A snug fitting collar that won't come off if the dog pulls back .

ˇ         A lead that allows you to control your dog as dogs must be on lead and under control unless in a designated area

ˇ         Towels. Dogs get wet and dirty herding and playing. Hoses are available for washing off dogs. But remember, you have to put them back in your car.

ˇ         Crate or blanket to keep the car clean on the ride home.




Student Appreciation Day 2006  

photo by Sharon Korn